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‘Black Negligee’


Native Range: Unusual variety A. simplex

Hardiness Zone: USDA Zone 4a: to -34.4 °C

Height: 1,5m

Soil: Humus rich soils


Moisture: Needs to be kept moist. Do not allow to fully dry out

Light: Full sun with lots of water in most states for the darkest foliage

Flowering Period: August- September

Garden locations: Adds architectural height and late summer bloom to a shaded part of the border or shade garden. Also effective in woodland gardens, cottage gardens and naturalized areas. Best in groups, although single plants have good specimen value once established. White flower spires are generally more demonstrative in front of darker backgrounds. Bronze-purple foliage provides excellent texture and color to the landscape throughout the growing season. Beautiful purple-tinted, white flowers project 5 cm upward and carry an exotic perfume of grape and jasmine.

Price: 5 €

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